#EUROPE by Dr. Michael Spindelegger

“We live in a time of rapid changes and Europe is faced with a number of challenges affecting its economic, social and political future. Whichever way we look at it, we will meet these challenges best when we act a strong Europe that stands unified not only across national borders but across all differences of political opinion. The same goes for the opportunities that these changes bring with them.

The migration challenge has revived attention to the problems but also to the great potentials the process of socio-economic development holds for the African continent but for us Europeans as well. We will use this potential only when we base our policies on the principle of genuine partnership within Europe and between Europe and its African partners. As the biggest European organisation dealing with migration policy we strive to promote this partnership through political dialogue and practical cooperation on the ground. We hope that such partnership, rooted in migration related goals, evolves into much bigger cooperation on trade, investment and development, benefitting all partners and reducing global inequality at the same time.”

Dr. Michael Spindelegger
Director General, International Centre for Migration Policy Development ICMPD